The Sex Bucket List

The following Sextivities are NOT suggested to be preformed with YOUR mother! : )

On a picnic
On a walk
After breakfast in bed
At your mothers’ house
At or after brunch
At the zoo
After singing “I’m too Sexy” and doing a strip tease for her
After cooking her dinner
Dessert in bed
After a foot rub
After a back rub
After a full body massage
In the bath tub

Get Busy, Getting Busy!!! ~ on your day!

For all of you that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, you know that I carry a Fan copy of The Sex Bucket List with me wherever I go and have people stamp and sign off on what Sextivities they have completed. Well, last week the Fan copy moved up to Rock Star status! Theory of a Deadman signed the cover! Hellz yeah!

Get Busy, Getting Busy!!! Sex and Rock n Roll Baby!!!

So I was just at the post office sending another large order off to Amazon, when the little old lady next to me says, “I like your shirt!” : ) Of course that led to me saying, “well, it’s actually my book!” I showed her the Fan Book and she almost keeled over in laughter! And then got two copies to take home! Why 2 I wonder… : )

Get Busy, Getting Busy… At the post office with a complete stranger!!! lol

Do you like SEX?
Do you have enough SEX?
Would you like to have more SEX?
If you found a $100 bill on the ground would you pick it up?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you NEED a copy of The Sex Bucket List!!!

Get Busy, Getting Busy!!!

What “State” do you and your Lover still need to stamp off in your Sex Bucket List?

Sweet!!!  Add one more to the Haters column! 

So this D-bag says to me “People that write sex books are writing them because they don’t have sex!”  So, calmly, I looked at the guy and with a big ass smile I said, “I’ll bet my rights to The Sex Bucket List that my sex swing gets more action than your bed does!” 

And yes, that was the end of that discussion…   Oh, and the book is still mine to share with all of you!!!

Get Busy, Getting Busy!!!

Has your Wife been dying to “Get Busy” in a
changing room? Has your Husband been
begging to “Get Busy” at the movie theater?

Are you having trouble telling your Lover these desires…?

The Sex Bucket List – Adult Activity Book
Let it do the dirty talking for you!

By: Michael Lucente
Get Busy, Getting Busy!!!

It is hard to believe that at this time last year, The Sex Bucket List was just a couple sheets of paper hung up on my refrigerator and this page didn’t even exist!

In under six months The Sex Bucket List has become available on Amazon and Barns & Noble’s websites, can also be found in 26 stores across 9 states, has made it into the bedrooms of couples in the US, Canada, and even the UK, has been invited to be on radio shows from Pennsylvania to California, has been written about in articles published on the web, but most importantly to me, has grow a fan base of 800+ and counting on Facebook! And like I said, all in just under 6 months!

I want to thank each of you for all your support as well as your criticisms! With bringing in the new year, I’d like to start it by asking YOU, what you would like to see, read, hear, and/or talk more or less about in 2012? If your questions are a little more personal and do not feel comfortable sharing them here on the wall, please, scroll down to the page owner, me, Michael Lucente, and inbox me your questions. I’ll post an anonymous question and give it my best answer!

Again, thanks to all of you for being here, listening, sharing, liking, and posting! 2012 will be a great year for all of us!

And as always… Get, Busy, Getting Busy!!!

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my True Love gave to me…
Twelve screaming, toe curling, sheet clenching, body shaking, eye watering, mind blowing orgasms!!!
Eleven good old fashions ,
Ten boobies bouncing,
Nine naked dances,
Eight sex positions,
Seven skimpy outfits,
Six whipcream blowjobs,
!!!!!FIVE…. GOLDEN…. SHOWERS!!!!!!!
… Four motor boats,
Three flavored condoms,
Two fuzzy handcuffs
and a book to stamp off our Sex●tiv●ities!

Sex talk wouldn’t be sex talk without The Sex Bucket List! Get close over the holidays and Get Busy, Getting Busy!!!!

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