The Sex Bucket List

The Lonely Shouting Lady…

Posted on: July 24, 2011

FYI everyone – The Sex Bucket List is NOT a challenge! Well at least I’m not challenging anyone directly. The Sex Bucket List has 663 sextivities contained within it. So, when you open it up and quickly look at 3 pages or so, chances are, you’ve done some already! At least I would hope so! Listen, the challenge is that from the day you first open your copy of The Sex Bucket List, that you have fun! You have fun with your lover everywhere and anywhere. To the crazy lady that shouted, “this book ain’t got nothing on me.” It was never intended to “have anything on you” but more for you to have your memories all over it! Cause that is the point of The Sex Bucket List, not just the sex, but the memory bank that you will be depositing into every time you and your lover do something together that included sex! 10, 20, 30 years from now you will still have your book. Even more exciting, even more cherishing, and even more pleasurable than the sex you had, the memories of the crazy things the two of you did together will all come rushing back like it happened yesterday when you look through your book together! So again, to the crazy lady that shouted in my face, you may have had a lot a sex in a lot of different places, but if we went through the book, no matter how many of the 663 sextivities you claim you have done, I’m sure you can not tell me when or where they happened, and I’m sure that you couldn’t even say who they were with! But for the rest of the fans, thanks, have fun, and always be ready to Get Busy, Getting Busy!

Thanks again all of you!

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