The Sex Bucket List

I may not have as many radio interviews and book reviews, but I do have my dignity…

Posted on: October 19, 2011

I’ve really been trying to bit me tongue and just know that I’m a more creative person, a better lover, and a better all around person, but it really sucks to see this crap on the net about the chick who was given my book idea and has ran with it as her own… The worst part is I told her that I went to that publishing company and she still took the money they gave her and went forward with her take on my book… They even tried to use MY title. Bad enough they copied the concept, but to try use the title too… Come on, you’re a publishing company and an author and you try to steal, my ideas!? Really? But it’s all good! I’m doing this all myself, and I’ve got great support from all of you here on Facebook! These copycats have an entire corporation behind them and we have 3 times the likes on Facebook! Thanks again everyone and continue to…

Get Busy, Getting Busy!

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