The Sex Bucket List

About the Author

Michael Lucente is a male born in the early 80’s and is in a loving and passionate relationship with his girlfriend Lisa. I am not a romance novel writer, nor am I a sexual therapist. I’m a normal person in this world quite like you, I’m sure. I love sex, I love sex, I love sex! I do not feel that sex should in any means be the foundation for a loving relationship, but I truly believe that it plays a huge role in how well that relationship develops and unfolds. In most men, sex is a craving, an obsession, a desire to have and be had. In most women, sex gives comfort with the one they share themselves with, it increases that feeling of intimacy, and adds to the bond of love. And of course in both sexes, we do it for shear pleasure and adventurousness!!!

We went on a trip to Montana, and while we have tons of pictures of the trip, what lights up the memories of our trip for us the most is seeing that smiley face next to “in the mountains” in our copy of The Sex Bucket List™ Those are the moments and the feelings that I love the most. I hope that my book can help you with finding similar memories, moments, and feelings from your shared lives as well…


Michael Lucente

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