The Sex Bucket List


Thank you for visiting us at! Our goal is to help inspire and/or rekindle desire within your sex life! The Sex Bucket List™ was created by Michael Lucente. While preparing goals for the next year, a list of sextivities was put together for that year as well. The “List” became know as the 2010 Sex Bucket List! Hung upon the refrigerator with smiley faces next to the completed sextivities, all who came over and seen it wanted to know where they could get one! While slightly embarrassed, he explained that he put it together… After a few chuckles the then next question became quite repetitive. “Can you make me a copy?” So, because of his own desire to explore his surroundings, become more adventurous, and to add an addictive thrill to his sex life, The Sex Bucket List™ can now be added to your sex lives!

From around the house to around the world, the ideas and suggestions within The Sex Bucket List™ will have you and your lover rediscovering yourselves and finding out more than you ever knew about each other too! You’ll be planning weekend get a way’s, vacations, and dropping the kids off by Grandma a lot more often!!! A simple picnic will explode into orgasmic bliss! You’ll be sharing your experiences with close friends and family, making them quite jealous, of course! Which, is the point of The Sex Bucket List™… Bring couples closer together by building trust, by building memories, and by providing a Fun way to look back on all the good times you have shared together! It is not just about the sex. It is about all the fun that you had together before, during, and after the sex. The sex is just an added bonus to the fun you are already having with your lover! Imagine now, 50 years later you and your lover are going threw your copy of The Sex Bucket List™. You see the smiley face next to Australia and then the two of you spend the next hour reminiscing about the trip… Everlasting memories… That’s the point! With some sex too! 😀

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